I’m Ishita, let me take you through my journey so far

Oxford dictionary describes exceptional as ‘greater or better than usual’, and I define my passion for my brand Vaidaan, as quite the same – extraordinary. From the year 2016, my vision was as clear as it was unique – taking what is traditional to us, and making it global. And the best way I could tap into it, was by taking the traditional beauty of Indian Hand Embroidery and aiming to celebrate it worldwide! What may have started as a passion taking form and an idea beginning to rise transpired into a success over the span of a few fabulous, challenging and life-changing years for me.

Starting out as a one woman army in 2016, handling the design, sourcing, photography, editing and to an extent, even the logistics of my brand Vaidaan all on my own during the initial stages, I have nurtured it from infancy to now, when it is widely recognised, independent on its feet and is giving the jewellery industry a new edge with it’s state of the art embroidered masterpieces. Putting all of my knowledge, skill and degrees in design, styling and digital marketing in place, what had once started as a Premium Luxury Jewellery Brand, is now a force to reckon with and already being made use of in the styling shoots, red carpet events and even global level exhibitions.

Because it has loads of positive aspects, firstly a source of immense happiness which we all working at Vaidaan gets and we aim to give that happiness back in terms of our quality products and customer service! Second – it means skilled artisans which represents our brand and inter-relate our designer’s name – Ishita which means the same!


We fully engage our Hands, Head and Heart in designing and creating something that’s not only a product to wear but also a representation of who you really are. We try to create jewellery that is a statement in itself.

We design, keeping in mind the jewellery that we create with love & precision is timeless! We hand pick each and every stone and weave it on a frame entirely made of thread, so the piece does not rust away the charm and beauty of that extraordinary piece. Special care is taken to ensure durability and an undying appeal!

Hand Embroidered in our studio, our craftsmen inculcate the great finesse & inspire me to bring new innovation with every forthcoming collection.