Exploring Special Collections from Vaidaan

Exploring Special Collections from Vaidaan

In an era, where luxury fashion and sustainability go hand in hand, Vaidaan has emerged as a shining star by providing exceptional fashion accessories and bridal jewelry sets to its customers. Combining traditional significance and modern style loop, our store has launched some special jewelry collections. Here, in this blog, we will be sharing the special collections by Vaidaan which will steal your heart no matter what.

Click Here to see Surya Collection
  1. Surya – The Golden Glow

Representing the radiant energy of the sun, Surya – The Golden Glow collection is the latest add-on to the Vaidaan jewelry collection list. From necklaces for women to earrings and hair accessories the series includes them all. Each and every piece of jewelry in this collection reflects the warmth and allure of the sun.

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  1. Raunak – Sparkle in Silver

Jewelry enthusiasts can feel how silver oxidized jewelry comes to the rescue in any situation. Whether you suddenly have a plan to go to a family get-together or a fancy date they are always the best option to choose. Our Raunak – Sparkle in Silver collection offers a range of fashion accessories that effortlessly elevate your look.

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  1. La Perla

Pearl is called the best friend of girls. It’s true to an extent where you can never be wrong by choosing a pearl to glam up in any event. Taking inspiration from the beauty and allure of pearls our store has launched the La Perla collection. All the pieces that the collection includes reflect the ageless beauty of pearls.

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  1. Sankhah – The Shell Series

Taking inspiration from the sacred conch shell, Sankhah – The Shell Series is another collection launched by our store. The collection brings forth an exquisite array of jewelry that seems to blend traditional and modern designs. The Sankhah collection features several bridal jewelry pieces.

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  1. Atrangi – Let’s be Extraordinary

Being bold and experimental is what we’re choosing over stereotyped fashion in this era. Atrangi – Let’s be extraordinary series takes inspiration from the very same experimental nature. You’ll find colorful pieces of statement jewelry carved and shaped elegantly.

All the above collection will make you the centerpiece at any event. So, hurry up! You won’t want to miss out on our latest collections. 

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