Putting together pretty pastels and precise embroidery, Vaidaan gave rise to it's primitive collection - Pahal that brought together elements of art, sophistication and panache.  

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It reflects careful deliberation, intricate weaves and a lot of charm through its beautiful zari work that outlines the closely knit threads and mesh work. It is these little elements that turn these trinkets into everlasting baubles. 


( Left - Quadcircles Ring, Right - Quadcircles Earrings - Click to Shop )

Put them together with Evening gowns or adorn them with a crisp blouse and Chiffon saris, use them at your beck and call to dress up or dress down as perfectly as your occasion might be. 


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Play along with the abstract geometric designs that merge well with the dual and triple toned jewels and bring out a rather subtle yet emphatic side of yourself to the world. 

It is a finespun collection that doesn’t steal but adds to the focus of your entire look and completes it for you in the perfect amount of sparkle and sass.

heart XoXo - Team Vaidaan