Vaidaan, the tryst between unconventional & handcrafted ethnicity, is a premium luxury line of jewelry that speaks volumes about the convergence of west and east. A modern take on the classics, put together by exuberant crystals and stones and a whole lot of love. Vaidaan is all things profuse and elite. 

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The minds and talent behind the line, Ishita Gupta, holds quite the secrets to what Vaidaan represents. She is a passion fed young entrepreneur in the making and has always been drawn towards being an artist. An expert in Visual Merchandising and Fashion styling, also holding prowess in her artistic skills, believes there could be no better way to climb the stepping stones of her career than by turning them into real life gems & crystals.

Now, while we’re at raising the curtains, this blog is not just going to be a jewelry centric journal, but a compilation of all things trending and ringing fashion bells in India. From jewellery to clothes to shoes & bags. An unprejudiced yet eccentric view of the India’s finest. This blog seeks to be your next little black book for a fun saturday night or a successful big fat indian wedding or even a docile lunch with your loved ones on a lazy sunday afternoon. A personal guide at perfecting not just taste but also appreciating what needs to be from time to time, this blog holds all the secrets to your do’s & don’ts. 

So for some raw, edgy yet sophisticated whispers of the town, stay tuned with us, while we get you some front row views to behind the scenes shots with all sorts of fun and fashion.

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